Grading – December 2017

The Club grading will take place on Monday 18th December 2017. We require everyone to be in the dojo at 6.45, ready for a prompt start at 7pm.

I have already explained to all students, that their progress is at their own pace, and that everyone is different, and that I'm pleased with the progress that everyone is making. Some people have reached the stage where we will grade them for their next belt, others are aware of the work required, and will be given a plan moving forwards which will prepare them to grade at a later date. Everyone should feel accomplished and proud of their efforts to date, Rome was not built in a day!

Notification to those of you grading will take place during the week commencing Monday 4th December.

The grading will attract a fee as follows...

To grade for any Red or Blue belts is £10

To grade for any Yellow Belt is £20

To grade for any Green Belt is £30

To grade for any Brown Belt is £50

To grade for any Black Belt is £105

You will not be required to pay your usual £3 on grading day.

Anyone who is not grading is invited to attend for free, to support your friends and to gain experience of a grading day, there will be no fee payable for your attendance.

after this grading the club will close for the Christmas holidays.


Sensei Jon

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