Sensei Sarah Robinson, 2nd Dan .

I started karate in 1983 when I was 5 years old - it was a sport carved in stone for me being the daughter of Garry Pickford. I remember back to my childhood in the Greenleys karate community very fondly. Starting there with the support and wisdom of my dad, his best friend Neil Harrison, Chris Burgess and many others. After training at Greenleys, attending my Dad's club in Newport Pagnell and later back to Wolverton, I achieved my cadet black belt in 1993 grading alongside my Dad and Neil as they took their 3rd Dan grades. I took my senior shodan grade a year later. I settled at Shodan for some time to take time to settle and have a family. After a long break I took my second Dan in May 2012 - long overdue! I have been a part of this Shinkukai karate family since the beginning,  we have continued to teach and share our knowledge and achieved a number of senior grades and exceptional students over the years, I am very proud of what we have achieved and continue to achieve  as a club  (thank goodness I chose karate and not Irish dancing - thanks Dad!)