Sensei Jon Holland, 2nd Dan

Sensei Jon Holland first walked through the door of the Original Shinkukai Karate Dojo as a 9 year old boy in 1983.  He trained for 4 years, primarily under Shihan Neil Harrison and Sensei Chris Burgess. Over the following years he trained under Shihan Garry Pickford, Sensei Paul Gleeson, Sensei James Clark, and Sensei Sarah Robinson.

Like many young Karateka, Sensei Jon reluctantly left behind his regular training, as he tried to accommodate the pursuit of higher education, a career and a family, all at the same time.

Circumstances changed for Sensei Jon, however, when his Son Jay decided that he wanted to learn Karate. Once again a door had opened that would allow Sensei Jon to resume his training, whilst still engaging in quality family time. Within 3 months, Sensei Jon’s Daughter Anjali and his Wife Priya also decided to join the club; and 6 years later, at the time of writing, Anjali holds a 3rd Kyu Green Belt, Priya holds a 2nd Kyu Brown Belt and Jay holds a 1st Kyu Brown Belt.

Sensei Jon has held the role of Association Photographer since March 2014, He is a professional photographer, and has been happy to offer his services to the Association.

In April 2014, Sensei Jon took over management of the OSKA facebook page, updating parents and students of any events and breaking club news.

Sensei Jon has competed in Kumite competitions, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  His last tournament was the 2014 English Open, where he was narrowly defeated by the reigning European, and former World Champion from Romania.

In July 2014, Sensei Jon launched the Association website, bringing OSKA a much needed web presence, and a place where students can get up to date news.

In October 2015, in a move to assist the Association Secretary, Sensei Jon was appointed to the new role of Membership Officer, dealing with the day to day interactions with Students, and assisting in running the association.

In November 2015, Sensei Jon identified a need to source and supply high quality Karate equipment for the club and its students; and after negotiating trade deals with the UK’s leading martial arts suppliers, he launched the OSKA club shop.

In January 2016, Sensei Jon, under the guidance of Shihan Garry Pickford, began his career in teaching by opening the Dojo for two Friday night classes – the first where youngsters can have a shorter session on a non-school night, as a gradual introduction to Karate training, and the second where adults and senior students can get very specific instruction in areas of the syllabus towards which they are working.

Sensei Jon has used his tournament experience to coach successfully the OSKA Kumite and Kata squads at the British Open in May 2016, and the UK open in September 2016 – a role he hopes to reprise in the future.

In October 2016 Sensei Jon launched the OSKA Newsletter, taking on the role of Editor.

Also in October 2016, Sensei Jon was appointed to the position of Association Secretary.

Sensei Jon is training towards his refereeing qualifications, and currently holds Kansa and Judge accreditation.

In December 2016, at the age of 42, Sensei Jon was awarded his First Dan Black Belt, by Shihan Garry Pickford and Shihan Neil Harrison, bringing about the close of a 33-year Kyu Grade apprenticeship, and marking the beginning of a new and very exciting stage in his pursuit of his Karate do.

Sensei Jon spent 2017 both training and learning more about teaching from his mentors Shihan Neil and Shihan Garry, culminating in the award of his OSKA Coaching qualification.

In 2018 Sensei Jon has continued his personal development through attending several external seminar's from leading People in the Karate World, and by gaining NSPCC qualifications in Child Protection in Sport, as a part of the safeguarding umbrella.

In May 2018 Sensei Jon took on the role of Association Squad Coach and focused his attention on developing and training an Association Kata and Kumite squad capable of competing at the highest levels internationally, with his sights firmly set on leading expeditions to foreign shores in the future.

In September 2018 Sensei Jon took his Kata and Kumite Squads to compete at the UK Open Championships held in London, for many of his team this was their first experience of international competition.

In October 2018 Sensei Jon was involved in securing a new Dojo location to provide better facilities and accessibility for Existing Students, and to accommodate predicted future growth of the Association.

In October 2018 Sensei Jon was appointed an additional role as one of the OSKA Safeguarding Officers.

In November 2018 Sensei Jon took a lead role in planning and overseeing the opening of the new OSKA Honbu Dojo in Wolverton, Milton Keynes.

In June 2019, at the age of 44, Sensei Jon reached another important milestone and achieved his 2nd Dan Black belt under Shihan Neil Harrison and Shihan Garry Pickford.

Sensei Jon continues to teach and study, with his sights set upon further development of himself, his students and of the Association, through personal study, and through attending external training seminars, hosted by leading names in the Karate world.

Sensei Jon is on facebook, and can be contacted through his facebook page