Sensei Paul Gleeson, 3rd Dan, first became interested in martial arts during the 1970's, it was during this time that Sensei Paul studied Ju Jitsu under Sensei Brian Graham for three years in his home town of Keighley, West Yorkshire.

In the early 1990's Sensei Paul studied Tai-Chi for two years, whist still searching for a martial art who's concepts fitted Sensei Pauls personality and vision.

Still seeking that perfect fit, Sensei Paul embarked upon a new challenge, when In 1996, Sensei Chris Burgess launched his Original Shinkukai Karate dojo in Wolverton, Sensei Paul soon discovered that the concepts of Original Shinkukai Karate were an exact fit, and in October 2005, after 9 years of study under Sensei Chris Burgess, and the late Sensei Jay Starkey, Sensei Paul achieved his Shodan, first Dan black belt.

Sensei Paul continued to train under Sensei Chris Burgess, and the late Sensei Jay Starkey,  achieving his Nidan, second Dan black Belt in the December of 2008.

Sensei Paul continued his journey and began to take on more involved teaching duties in preparation for his next grading, on the 14th July 2013 Sensei Paul successfully achieved the latest milestone on his journey, the grade of Sandan, third Dan black belt.

Sensei Paul held the role of Club Treasurer and Secretary until October of 2016, at which time he took on the newly formed role of Liaison Officer for the Original Shinkukai Karate Association.