Shihan Neil Harrison (6th Dan), Chairman & Chief Coach of OSKA, 6th Dan . D.O.B. 29th July 1955, has studied three major styles over the past 40 + years:- Shotokan, Kyokushin, and Shinkukai.

“They have all influenced the way I have trained and learnt over the years as both a student and as an instructor by attempting to bring the best from each style and my own personality into my teaching. This has brought elegance of Kata, the strength and power of Kumite plus an understanding of the different needs and abilities of all my Shinkukai Karate students” - Shihan Neil Harrison

In 1972 Shihan Neil started Shotokan Karate at Pickett's Lock Sports Centre, Edmonton North London with two other friends. On the second visit his two other friends didn’t turn up so he continued without them, never looking back. Club Instructor/s John Van Weenan and Mike Smith, was graded to 7th Kyu.

In 1974 Shihan Neil moved to Milton Keynes and found it hard to find a club in the area, the only Shotokan club in Bletchley had a waiting list to join. In 1975 he met Garry Pickford (2nd Kyu), Kyokushinkai who had also moved to Milton Keynes from London. He was a student of Shihan Steve Arneil 6th Dan Chief instructor of British Kyokushinkai Karate (BKK).

Shihan Neil and Senpai Garry Pickford founded Milton Keynes Kyokushinkai Karate (MKKK). Shihan Neil's role was club secretary and student, Senpai Garry’s role was official club instructor (the first person in BKK to be authorised by Shihan Arneil as an instructor at the grade of 2nd Kyu Brown Belt).

The MKKK had several different dojos in those early years including Tesco’s Warehouse canteen, a Portacabin building at Greenleys MK, The County Arms dance hall in New Bradwell but also a newly built Leisure Centre at Stantonbury Campus. Shihan Neil travelled on many journeys to South London, Raynes Park with Senpai Garry to train under Shihan Steve Arneil.

Senpai Garry went on to gain his Shodan grade at the Kyokushin summer camp (Gashku) Exeter 1976.

Shihan Neil was graded to 7th Kyu by K Morris & 6th Kyu by Shihan Arneil during 1975.

In 1976 Shihan Neil was graded to 5th by K Morris & 4th Kyu Kyokushin by Shihan Arneil.

During training at MKKK Shihan Neil competed in various forms of Kumite competition both local and national events including WUKO, Clicker and Full Knockdown rules, plus low grade kata competition

In 1977 Shihan Neil was graded to 3rd Kyu, Kyokushin by Shihan Arneil at a grading in the Milton Keynes Dojo.

In 1978 – Shihan Neil was graded to 2nd Kyu, by Kyokushin general grading panel South London.

In 1979 Shihan Neil was part of organising committee and competitor in first ever Milton Keynes mixed Martial Arts Tournament, January 1979.

Later in 1979 Shihan Neil was graded to 1st Kyu (brown belt) Kyokushin by Shihan Arneil at a general grading at the Crofton Leisure Centre.

In 1980 – Shihan Neil was co-founder of Shinkukai Karate with Sensei Garry Pickford. This new club started from scratch, soon gained many new members and some from the MK Kyokushin Karate, and other students from local Shotokan, Shokukai & Ishinryu clubs.

in 1981 – Shihan Neil and Shihan Garry Co-members of Shinkukai Karate first technical committee, wrote and implemented the first Shinkukai Karate Grading Syllabus. The club became members of the Amateur Karate Association (AKA).

In 1983 Shihan Neil was graded to Shodan (December), he was Shinkukai Karate first ever Shinkukai Shodan.

In 1985 Shihan Neil was graded to Nidan (December) and become Shinkukai Karate Chief Instructor.

The club went from strength to strength over the following years at club level and at various national open competitions, with junior and adult students becoming AKA England squad members and holding titles of 3rd, 2nd & 1st at several annual AKA/AMA regional & national competition finals.

By 1986 the club had opened three dojos in the Milton Keynes catchment area, Greenleys, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell and Aylesbury.  During this period Shihan Neil took referee training courses at Lings Forum, Northampton under Sensei Brian Noble (Wado Ryu) gaining his referee qualification. Assisted Sensei Noble at many regional AKA/AMA Championships.

Student membership had grown to 50+ Junior and 35+ senior students including several students holding Dan grades.

In 1988 Shihan Neil had become the refereeing coach for the AKA / AMA Full Knockdown (Sensei G Bryan Group, Tsuyoi Karate) refereeing team.

In 1989 Shihan Neil was appointed Head Referee at AMA National Open Full Knockdown Championships (Crystal Palace).

In 1990 Shihan Neil was graded to Sandan Shinkukai Karate.

In 1991 Shihan Garry & Neil re-branded the club by adding the word British to Shinkukai Karate (BSK)

In 1993 Shihan Neil was graded to Yondan, British Shinkukai Karate

Between 1993 – 1996 Shihan Neil was actively involved as chief referee to Tsuyoi (Sensei G Bryan group) as knockdown refereeing expert. He instructed many (Dan grade only) refereeing courses in his Milton Keynes Dojo and Sutton (South London dojo).

In 1996 Shihan Neil went into semi-retirement from the full time chief instructors position, he was appointed as Life President (honorary club position), British Shinkukai Karate.

During the years 1984 – 2005 British Shinkukai Karate become very successful, this was made possible by the support from a team of Shinkukai Black Belts who included:-

George Smith

Steve Bunker

Chris Burgess

Jon Myrtle

Dave Ingram

Candy O’Brien

Lee Mould

Zoe Burgess

Les Fox

Gawain Wyatt

Sarah Robinson

Connor Farren

Jonathan Thompson

And Shihan Garry Pickford.


in 2005 a New breakaway Shinkukai Dojo was formed in MK by Sensei Chris Burgess (Sandan) assisted by Senpai Paul Gleeson (1st Kyu) This new Dojo was rebranded as Original Shinkukai Karate (re-branded, added the word “Original”).

Shihan Neil joined Sensei Burgess as senior Dan grade supplying specialist training to Original Shinkukai Karate.

Specialist one off club seminars including:-

In-depth Kata training (history, meaning),

Kata bunkai instruction,

Kata / kumite connections,

Kumite specialist knockdown techniques,

Kumite competition training,

Basic kihon (pre-grading),

Referee training courses.

Grading panel adviser and senior member of Original Shinkukai Karate.

In December 2012 – Shihan Neil and the Original Shinkukai Karate Committee formed “The Original Shinkukai Karate Association” (OSKA).

Shihan Neil was promoted to Godan and became Committee Chairman, Chief Coach and technical advisor to OSKA, co-senior Dan grading panel member and specialist instructor for basic training, Kata and Kumite.

in 2017 Shihan Neil was awarded his 6th Dan by the Technical Committee of OSKA.

Shihan Neil Harrison  (6th Dan), is currently Chairman & Chief Coach of OSKA

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