Shihan Garry Pickford, 6th Dan, first saw Karate demonstrated at the Leeland Youth Club in Ealing in 1968, and from that moment he was hooked.  Soon after he joined a Shotokan club in Sudbury Hill called the Kubukan, unfortunately after a year the club moved out of the area, so he joined a club in Northolt under Sensei Brian Colshill 1st Dan. In 1970 a South African 2nd Dan came and took over the club, Sensei David Passmore 2nd Dan Budoryu.  Shihan Garry achieved a Yellow Belt at the club.

Shihan Garry was told of a Kyokushinkai Club running in Wimbledon under Shihan Steve Arneil, Shihan Garry joined this club as a Yellow belt.

in 1975 Shihan Garry moved to Milton Keynes as a 2nd Kyu Brown Belt, and was granted the privilege to open his own Kyokushinkai Club in Greenleys, Milton Keynes.

Shihan Garry's first two Students were Shihan Neil Harrison, and Sensei Chris Burgess, who are now two of our senior instructors.

Shihan Garry took his grading for his Shodan (1st Dan) Blackbelt at the Exeter Summer Camp in 1976. Shihan Garry recalls that this was the most difficult grading he has ever taken, and that thankfully after a gruelling week he passed.

In 1981 Shihan Garry Pickford and Shihan Neil Harrison left Kyokushinkai and formed Shinkukai Karate.

In the years that followed Sensei Chris Burgess set up his own club called Original Shinkukai Karate at the St Mary Magdalene School in Greenleys, and in 2004 Shihan Garry along with Shihan Neil relocated to this new club, and have remained there ever since.

"With the continued help and support of Shihan Neil Harrison, Sensei Chris Burgess, Sensei Paul Gleeson, and my other Black Belt instructors, we run the club, training twice a week.  We currently have an average of 15-20 Students ranging in age and grade, I am very proud of the Club, the Students, and what we have collectively achieved over a long spanning martial arts career."