Sensei Paul Gleeson – Retirement

The Club would like to announce the retirement of one of our Instructors Sensei Paul Gleeson.

Sensei Paul has been with the Club since first beginning Karate in 1996 , He has achieved great things during his time with us, promoted to Shodan 30th October 2005, promoted to Nidan 14th December 2008 and culminating in his promotion to Sandan in 14th July 2013.

Sensei Paul held the role of Club Treasurer and Secretary for many years, was  an important & valued member of the OSKA Technical Committee & Grading Panalist for many years, and subsequently the role of Liaison Officer.

The Club would like to thank Sensei Paul for his valuable contribution to the club over the 22 Years he has been with us, and we wish him all the best in his retirement.

Sensei Paul will be at the opening ceremony for our new Dojo at 6pm on Sunday 11th November 2018, should any of his former students want to come and wish him well in his new pursuits.

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