Grading Results – March 2015

Many congratulations to all our students who passed their gradings in March, we look forward to welcoming you all back after Easter with your new belts.

1. Jon Holland - Pass 2nd Kyu, Brown Belt
2. Connor Gallagher - Pass 2nd Kyu, Brown Belt
3. Gabrio Thonet - Pass 5th Kyu, Yellow Belt


  1. Congratulations to all the students who passed their grading in March 2015. I'll be good to have 2 x new brown belts and a top yellow belt in the line up on the next training session. Well done everbody and keep up the hard work. Shihan Neil Harrison Osu
  2. Osu a very special night congrats to all who took part especially our new grades. keep up the hard work, some good pics showing determination see you all soon.

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