Monthly Archives: December 2019

Grading Results December 2019

Massive Congratulations to our Students who graded last night, It was a wonderful evening, and you all worked so very hard, and thoroughly deserved your new belts. Priya Holland Graded up to 2nd Kyu Brown Belt Chris and Mae Wellborne, Nicholas Overington, Ephraim Frimpong, and Balint Morocz all Graded up to 10th Kyu Red Belt.…
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December Grading and Christmas Break

Hi Everyone, Just a reminder that the December Grading will be taking place this Sunday 15th December at 6pm sharp. please remember to bring your licences and your grading fees. Following the grading we shall be breaking up for Christmas, and we shall return to the dojo on Sunday 5th January. Any questions, please feel…
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