Monthly Archives: June 2019

Grading Results 16th June 2019

Huge congratulations to our students who successfully graded on Sunday, the results are as follows. Sensei Jon Holland 2nd Dan Black Belt Jay Holland 1st Kyu Top Brown Belt Don Gallagher 1st Kyu Top Brown Belt Andrew Nolan 6th Kyu Yellow Belt Fin Gallagher 6th Kyu Yellow Belt Lucy Greenwood 9th Kyu Top Red Belt…
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Grading Arrangements Sunday 16th June 2019

Grading Day Arrangements Our club grading is taking place at The Old Bath House Dojo, this Sunday at 6pm. The Session is open to those grading as well as other students, who are welcome to join in and support those being graded. The timings of the evening will be as follows. 6.00 pm Arrive and…
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